Easy to Start

Just a few clicks, you can create a Smart Contract to work with talents or pay for services to partners/ sellers as agreed with peace of mind.

Secure Payment

You have complete control over any deposits or payments through the Smart Contract you have created without any risk.

No Middle Man

The transaction between the two parties completely through Smart Contract which will save you intermediary fees.

Lower fee transaction

All transactions are made on the blockchain so it will cost very little transaction fees compared to bank transactions

Pay per result

You will only have to pay for milestones/ tasks/ items that your talents/or partners have completed.

Multichain Support

Support payments with a variety of cryptocurrencies across multiple blockchain networks

Hire talent

Hire a talent and pay them per result in any Cryptocurrency that both of you have dealed.

Pay a service

Pay a service for your Partner/ Seller securely in cryptocurrencies via Smart Contract.

How it works

Post a Job

Fill out job descriptions, salaries, and the kind of cryptocurrency you want to pay freelancers

Hire best talents

Review applications or invite talents available on Getdone that you feel are appropriate to hire them

Pay per results

Pay when you're satisfied with the job or only pay for milestones/ tasks that talents have completed

Create a Contract

Fill in the information with the terms of work you have agreed with your partner along with the amount that you will pay


Deposit the amount you will pay your partner when they complete the work

Pay for completed work

Pay when your partner completes the work and you agree with the results of their work.

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